5 Useful Brazilian Portuguese Phrases You Won’t Find In Guidebooks


When traveling to Brazil, it’s important that you learn at least a few simple phrases in Portuguese to help you get around and get in the good graces of the locals. Of course “hello” (Oi), “good morning” (bom dia) and thank you (“obrigado/a”) are all essential. But all too often the glossaries in the back of those guidebooks, while practical, leave us sounding like robots. If you want to sound a little more like a local, here are five conversational phrases you can toss around. Continue reading

Who In The World Was Carmen Miranda?

Carmen Miranda in the early 1930s, photographed by Annemarie Heinrich.

In 1940, Carmen Miranda returned to Rio de Janeiro after a year spent conquering Broadway and performing for President Roosevelt. She had become an overnight sensation in America, not only on Broadway but in Hollywood already, with performance scenes hurriedly shot in New York and spliced into the Betty Grable / Don Ameche film Down Argentine Way. When Miranda took the stage at Rio’s Cassino da Urca, where previously she’d cut her teeth performing before being discovered by Broadway big shot Lee Shubert, it should have been a moment of triumph. It was anything but that. Continue reading

When Brazil Held The Crown Of The United Kingdom

Portuguese_empire_1800Even many casual observers have some understanding of Brazil’s former role as a Portuguese colony. “Oh right,” they’ll observe, casually. “I forgot, they speak Portuguese and not Spanish.” Then they’ll go back to their jobs or the ball game or other more pressing issues.

But what many people don’t know is that Brazil was at one time not only elevated by Portugal as its equal, but was where the Portuguese royal court lived and governed for a time. Continue reading

Just Because It’s World Cup Time in Brazil…


…that doesn’t mean that Tudo Brazil is going to pander for easy clicks. I’m not going to write about the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil simply for the sake of writing about it and driving traffic to this site. No, sir. Continue reading

Confeitaria Colombo – Rio’s Art Nouveau Treasure

DSC00803 Write what you know, people say. Well, I’ve been to Rio de Janeiro five times now, and on almost – if not every – trip there I’ve made a stop at the legendary Confeitaria Colombo in the city’s busy Central district.

Located on a narrow street lined with buildings more than a century old, Confeitaria Colombo is liable to be passed by unless you’re looking for it. Continue reading

You’ll Never Believe What Crazy Sport Is Brazil’s Most Popular


Bem-vindo! Well, here goes – the obligatory first blog post. I have to start adding posts at some point, so what better day than today’s opening game of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil? Brazil faces Croatia at 4 p.m. EDT today. Let’s go Brazil – slay the Evil Croatian Menace! Continue reading